Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I need to take a break

Sometimes I get weary
Sometimes I am sore
But at the end of some days
I know I need more

I get up too early
To go to my work
I find myself up late
Unless duties I shirk

We think the world won't go
Unless we're there to turn
But sometimes I'd like to take
A match and my schedule burn

The world will continue
It will stand the test
If I prop my feet up
And take a needed rest

And this is for the rest of you
If working makes you hazy
Take a moment, smell the coffee
Don't let things drive you crazy

They will never make a song
Of the words of this post
Just sit down and take a break
Before you become a ghost

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Indian Summer

It happens here after the first killing frost
The days we call summer we know we have lost
We look in our yards, and up in our eaves
We see that our trees are shedding their leaves

We get out our tools, the blower and rake
We know all the labor and time it will take
We will rake our leaves and place them in piles
In which kids might leap and give us their smiles

Take our warm weather things, put them away
The coming cold weather won't be here to stay
The weather that we enjoy at this time
Will be back next spring, all of nature will chime