Friday, March 2, 2012

And Whoo's Birthday is Today?

Today's a birthday
Can't you see
And I will tell you
Now with glee
I know you want
To hear some more
This birthday man
Is Theodor
Who is this man
This Geisel guy
He now writes poems
Up in the sky
I will tell you
It is my plan
I will tell you
About the man
Growing up
You heard his rhymes
They are the greatest
Of all the times
All the rhymes
Wrote by the man
We all did read them
A dandy plan
But if you're puzzled
And need a clue
You might be stumped
And wonder whoo                                                                                               If Horton comes
And eats green ham
The Grinch might come
And hit you-BAM!
If red and blue fish
Will hop on pop
You'll guess this man
And you're on top
I now will say
I will let loose
This birthday guy
Is Doctor Seuss

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Freebee

I'm not on the clock
This one is free
I exceeded my goal
I say with glee

I proved to myself
I still can rhyme
Last ten days proved
Test of my time

Be back in the morrow
Some things to say
Be back to observe
A special birthday