Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From Me to You

I want to write some verse
Be deserving of your time
Maybe touch your heart
Not just random rhyme

I want to tell my thoughts
I want to catch your eye
I want to make you think
And maybe make you sigh

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yes I'm Back

It's been over three months
Since I wrote here
I have this need to write
A poem of cheer

This whole past Summer
And not a verse
My creative streak
Might have a curse

I'll write this poem
To start the fall
If I can't write big
I'll keep it small

Monday, June 1, 2009

four unrelated stanzas

It doesn't mean a thing
If I have no song to sing
I have a cup to drink
As I filled it from a sink

Today's the first of June
And I did not bring a spoon
I used a fork on my break
A cup of yogurt I did take

I'm sitting on my chair
I need to comb my hair
I'll look so nice and neat
When folks I meet and greet

And now I'm almost through
I'm not so sad and blue
I've had a little fun
And now this poem's done

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Work and time is money

I wish I had a lot of money
And every day would be so sunny
This is just a simple dream
It takes hard work and not a scheme

Getting money from hard work
Is quite expected and a perk
When getting wealthy takes some time
You learn to value every dime

Getting money all too soon
Often leads to sudden ruin
You need to save from what you earn
Financial habits you should learn

Working hard and working long
Prevents you singing poverty's song
Gives you cash that you can spend
With that now this poem will end

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Orange Barrel Lament

Orange barrels are starting to bloom
And on the roads they make less room
The evening rush will take more time
Minutes stolen are such a crime

Back in the time the roads were bricks
The streets would always need a fix
But in these times when roads are made
They all receive a failing grade

And now they want to add a lane
And make our ride a bit more sane
But nowadays when home we go
Construction makes our journey slow

It's time for this short poem to end
No more time on this to spend
Don't think of me that I am sour
Orange barrel is our state flower

Monday, March 30, 2009

Where can you blog?

Can you blog on a log
Can you blog in the fog
Can you blog in the bog
With an old tree frog?
Will you blog with a dog
Will you blog with a hog
Will you blog in the smog
On a machine with a cog?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

To find a place

I have this need to write a poem
But I cannot find a place
I don't want it to be ho hum
I want it full of grace

I looked around to find a site
A site to write one down
One not to cause a bit of spite
Or make another frown

I went to many of my friends
All around blog city
I leave a few simple rhymes
Maybe a clever ditty

But then the thought occurred to me
I have this rhyming blog
To write rhymes for you to see
And leave this epilogue

Friday, February 20, 2009

These folks are for the birds

While going through the blogosphere
There is this sound I think I hear
I can't explain this sound with words
I think I hear a flock of birds

Jessica at Five Pines resides
Her love for birds she never hides
She blogs of birds that she may see
She tells us all of this with glee

Shelley in her nice log home
Her husband Greg with her will roam
He learned of birds because of love
And now knows more than just a dove

Pigeon from the buckeye state
The northeast where the snow is great
Takes her camera and makes the shots
Pretty birds she always spots

For this poem, this verse is last
A fan of birds, Jen's recent past
Treats from the store, she buys them some
For birds that fly and those that hum

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring Training

Oh boy, oh boy
Spring training is here
I guess that must mean
Warmer weather is near

Pitchers and catchers
Reported last week
It takes them much longer
To reach their own peak

It's training my friend
All teams are in first
Teams that are best
Teams that are worst

We'll talk of them all
The starters and subs
And talk of their talent
And whom should be scrubs

We talk of those players
The rookies and vets
The Indians and Yankees
The Braves and the Mets

We talk of them all
The nice and the jerks
Cooperation of them both
Is how the game works

We talk of our team
And filling their voids
Hoping not to fill them
With those who take 'roids

We hope that our team
Plays till the middle of fall
And everyone can call them
The champions of all

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Longer days are coming

February is now here
And days are getting longer
Before long we will have spring
And the sun will then be stronger

I've seen enough snow
I've slipped on some ice
What we've gotten now so far
For me will now suffice

Warm weather now can come
Warm winds can start their breezing
As far as I'm concerned
I've had enough of freezing

In summer some complain
But one thought you just can't beat
Think of this when you swelter
You don't have to shovel heat

Friday, January 30, 2009

Falling apart

I don't feel so great
I need to lose weight
I do not need pie
My sugar's too high

Blood pressure's a mess
I need to confess
My knees really ache
Prescriptions I need to take

I'm telling the nurse
That I could feel worse
I'm walking this journey
And not on a guerney

Let me tell all the young
Before you get stung
Exercise and eat right
And rest well in the night

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where's the Muse?

Has anybody seen the Whattville Muse
You know, the one I always use
He's not been around for almost a moon
To give me a poem and end this drought soon

My friend, the Muse, has taken some time
Taking a break is not a big crime
I need him now to come back here some day
To give me a poem and something to say

If I made him mad, oh please let me know
If something I said had made him to go
I need him back here to help me to write
My poetry and humor and help it be light