Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dr. Seuss of NASCAR? I think not!

Today, during the Sprint Cup race, I was was busy on a Facebook page called NoBarNASCAR. I was writing limericks and posting them on the page. I was receiving compliments for my work. Someone also called me "The Dr. Seuss of NASCAR." But let me tell you, NASCAR already has a "Cat in the Hat." His name is Jack Roush. But I guess I can get a little "Seussian" and write a few stanzas about NASCAR.

I guess you want
To see the cars
All driven by
The NASCAR stars
Left hand turns
You want to see
Your favorite drivers
Moving free
They don't want
To slide and slip
Don't want to lose
Their sponsorship
They're low on gas
They stop and pit
The pit crews work
While drivers sit
Crew chiefs are paid
To call the shots
A bad decision
Cost drivers spots
Goodyear tires
And Sunoco gas
All help the drivers
Drive and pass
All laps are run
The time is up
One race closer
To the cup
In victory lane
Confetti falls
The winner kept
Away from walls
And if your driver
Did not win
Do not despair
They'll run again