Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Orange Barrel Lament

Orange barrels are starting to bloom
And on the roads they make less room
The evening rush will take more time
Minutes stolen are such a crime

Back in the time the roads were bricks
The streets would always need a fix
But in these times when roads are made
They all receive a failing grade

And now they want to add a lane
And make our ride a bit more sane
But nowadays when home we go
Construction makes our journey slow

It's time for this short poem to end
No more time on this to spend
Don't think of me that I am sour
Orange barrel is our state flower

Monday, March 30, 2009

Where can you blog?

Can you blog on a log
Can you blog in the fog
Can you blog in the bog
With an old tree frog?
Will you blog with a dog
Will you blog with a hog
Will you blog in the smog
On a machine with a cog?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

To find a place

I have this need to write a poem
But I cannot find a place
I don't want it to be ho hum
I want it full of grace

I looked around to find a site
A site to write one down
One not to cause a bit of spite
Or make another frown

I went to many of my friends
All around blog city
I leave a few simple rhymes
Maybe a clever ditty

But then the thought occurred to me
I have this rhyming blog
To write rhymes for you to see
And leave this epilogue