Saturday, June 28, 2008

In them we trust???

The actors all from Hollywood
Think their opinions all are good
Want us to adopt all their views
But they don't walk in our shoes

To them many candidates flock
Think all their thoughts we should take stock
They think their thoughts are like a rock
I think they look at us and mock

They think their morals we should take
But most have morals of a snake
They're shaky as a house of sticks
But their opinion is in the mix

To them they think we should look up
They think we are a newborn pup
They think we are the common fool
But most of them don't finish school

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I don't like it

I do not like election years
Too many promises hit my ears
Promises these folks just can't keep
Promises that they pile deep

The people that all want the job
Try to reach the common slob
They say that they are one of us
They fly on planes, we take the bus

They move their lips and they are lying
We hear their junk and we are sighing
When elected and told what they said
They say they're misinterpreted

The times have changed, they stay the same
Only difference is in the name
But they will say, just wait and see
This is our democracy

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to those friends

I like my friends
I like them all
I like them big
I like them small

I like them here
I like them there
If they like me
I think that's fair

To make them laugh
To make them smile
Is just the half
Of my desired style

Around the world
Across the sea
I want my friends
To also like me

To be a friend
And a real good buddy
Don't take much time
And no need to study

If you need a friend
Just wait and see
Be just yourself
They'll come to thee

Cliff Note: I'll change that last line as I think it's corny. I just have to come up with another

orange barrel lament

Everyday I get to look
Look to see what lanes are took
See the traffic patterns sway
From orange barrels everyday

For sake of progress, I do not doubt
But causes some to cuss and shout
These orange barrels cause a squeeze
And driver's brains now turn to cheese

Road repair we do need
Make them safe to get to speed
While it gets done, some get tense
And need a dose of common sense

Orange barrel, Ohio state flower
Increases commutes by the hour
Some drivers show that they are gents
Others need intelligence

Invisible Friends

If I said you can't see my friends
You'd think I was on drugs
Or maybe at the very least
I need a lot of hugs

When I was young and this I said
I'd always get a flogging
Now I am older and I say this
You know I've been blogging

Monday, June 23, 2008

In search of a thought

I'm sitting at my keyboard now
To birth a thought, I know not how
Stretching my mind, scratching my head
Wanting the best thing since sliced bread

Looking now at my screen
The muse has left me, boy he's mean
I will wait and he'll be back
He'll give me thoughts and will not slack

Maybe I'm wrong and the muse is a she
And she ran off from me with a lot of glee
And she won't be back, she won't return
Because I'm wrong, me she'll spurn

Wait a sec, this is line thirteen
I wrote down thoughts, all to be seen
The muse is here, not he or she
And gave me thoughts, now don't you see?

working class blues

It's back to the old grind
It seems you're always behind
And the piles of work
Make you look like a jerk

You wait for your break
And you can't afford steak
Bills all need to be paid
You don't have it made

You have to pay bills
No time for your ills
So take those darn pills
And head for the hills

Load up on caffeine
And don't be so mean
You need to make green
Show up at the scene

Work till you retire
Or maybe inspire
That deep inner fire
That sends all dreams higher

Right now I'll just go
Just work for my dough
A tough row to hoe
But the money does show

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And Why Do YOU Blog?

You may blog because you care
Stories you have with people share
Not to worry about who would stare
Blogging in just your underwear

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh Boy, Here Comes Summer

The biggest bummer
When it now becomes Summer
Is I cannot look forward
To not having school

I can't get up late
Life is not all that great
Can't play Summer sport
Got people to support

But later comes dark
Can go to the park
Ride on my bike
Perhaps go take a hike

Between June and September
Just got to remember
Go out and have fun
While we have some more sun

Old time recreation

The power was out
No twist or shout
No cry or pout
Nothing to spout

I sat in my chair
Read my book
Gave the pages a look
And I wasn't shook

My wife got upset
No internet
No way to attain, give a holler
Find out why no power

I found the pages
And went through the stages
And expecting for worst
We were told we were first

We were happy to know
The crews weren't too slow
They were all on their way
We got our power back that day

An occasional failure
Is not an awful bad thing
Solitude it will bring
An appreciative swing

Monday, June 16, 2008

I like one liners

I like to give one liners
Over a big long joke
Cause a big long joke
Might cause me to choke

One liners are short
They're fresh in the mind
They're easy to find
And easy to remember

I like to tell puns
Because puns are fun
I tell them and run
And sometimes they stun

Before I go
I want you to know
You should be warned
Before you are scorned

Be careful with one liners
Don't tell them in diners
Or tell them to shriners
They may give you shiners

a thought during my morning commute

While drinking a drink
I was thoughting a think
While on my way to my job
I was wondering why
My car seat weren't dry
I felt like such a slob

I figured it out
I do not doubt
Why the seat of my pants were wet
I knew it would rain
Should have entered my brain
Who thought I would forget

My window was down
I feel like a clown
And my butt, it now feels cold
Should have used my crank
But in bed I sank
My brain must be made of mold

Driving to the city
I thought of this ditty
And to you I now must warn
If your window is down
You will feel like a clown
You'll be the object of your own scorn

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It won't be dark

These poems I write
Are not out of spite
I know that my spark
Won't make them dark

I want to be funny
Be nice to my honey
And maybe oh maybe
Make all kinds of money

I might write about chicken
My fingers I'm lickin'
Or possibly jams
And spiral sliced hams

While driving my car
I'll go very far
To write a long ditty
About the big city

I want you to laugh
For a week and a half
And you might start to sigh
And say who is this guy?

You might look at my beard
Say, "Boy is he weird"
Look at my hair
Say "How long he'd been there?"

I want you to smile
And stay here a while
And go tell a friend
To this web address send.

Blogging is habit forming

On this past week
I started to leak
And words have started to rhyme
So I thought a new blog
Would help start to jog
My poems when I have time

This is my third blog
I hope I don't hog
All of your online time
Sometimes I do better
Than writing a letter
Or drinking a soda with lime

I'm getting the knack
I hope you come back
And read what I have to say
But still bring your faces
To my other two places
And I hope I make your day.

Y'all come back now ya hear?