Friday, January 30, 2009

Falling apart

I don't feel so great
I need to lose weight
I do not need pie
My sugar's too high

Blood pressure's a mess
I need to confess
My knees really ache
Prescriptions I need to take

I'm telling the nurse
That I could feel worse
I'm walking this journey
And not on a guerney

Let me tell all the young
Before you get stung
Exercise and eat right
And rest well in the night

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where's the Muse?

Has anybody seen the Whattville Muse
You know, the one I always use
He's not been around for almost a moon
To give me a poem and end this drought soon

My friend, the Muse, has taken some time
Taking a break is not a big crime
I need him now to come back here some day
To give me a poem and something to say

If I made him mad, oh please let me know
If something I said had made him to go
I need him back here to help me to write
My poetry and humor and help it be light