Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Old Has Become New

One day 'bout last year
While checking online
I got a brief message
Which turns out so fine

A brief friend request
From one I once knew
A question with it
If I was me too

A quick confirmation
And then I'm a hunter
I find one old friend
And then find another

Most of these people
I'd not seen for years
We discovered each other
Could almost hear cheers

We talked of the years
Which went by in a haze
And looked straight ahead
To all great coming days

I'm glad I had found
The friends I once had
They aged like fine wine
Which makes us all glad

The point that I make
The moral of this rhyme
Look for your old friends
It's well worth your time

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ode to the New Job

To go to work
I'm in my car
But now my drive
Is not as far

A little later
Now I wake
Now hours closer
To the new daybreak

I'm on the phone
I talk all day
And hear what customers
Have to say

And though right now
The pay's not great
For real bright future
I'll have to wait

I'll work real hard
To do this job
Dress really neat
Won't be a slob

Use my voice
To make a living
Help to others
May be giving

And then one day
I hope to tell
The job is great
And I excel