Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nature's Most Perfect Gaming System

The best gaming system
Don't cost a dime
And it's been around
Since beginning of time

You don't need electric
You don't need TV
Sometimes with this system
You just need a tree

With this perfect system
You can play all day long
And all of your friends
Can come play along

First base is a block of wood
Second base is a shoe
No worry about home plate
Some cardboard will do

You play some touch football
Sometimes you keep score
Sometimes you change teams
And then play some more

And when you play tag
"You're it" you will say
Change the name of the tag
And play all the day

No charge for these games
No charge when you play
Just go on outside
And play all the day

No need for the gym
No need for the park
Just reach in your mind
And play until dark


Jen said...

Reminds me of endless hours of playing with the neighbor kids im my youth.
Great job Cliff.

Shellmo said...

These were the games I played as a kid - kickball was one of my favorites! Now if I could get my stepson off the computer.....