Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rain Delay Blues

It's raining in the sunshine state
To racing fans, it's not too great
A soggy start to begin the season
We can't rejoice, you know the reason

The blowers went around the track
To help us see the drivers back
It rained again, and made us sad
And people there they may be mad

Tomorrow they will start at noon
The engines will all hum their tune
Green flag will drop, then starts the chase
Turning left, the cars will race


td7456 said...

LOL! Good job Cliff, luckily, I took tomorrow as a PTO day! Yay!

Jane said...

Good poem Cliff. I like that you have challenged yourself to write poetry. I have written a lot of poems in the past and you have reminded me, I really enjoy that creative part of me. I need to get back to doing that again.

I too will be watching the race tomorrow. It stinks that it was rained out for today. I am a huge NASCAR fan.