Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thank you Mr. Zuckerberg, an Ode to Facebook

Thank you Mr. Zuckerberg
From all the ones who post
From those who use it little
To those who use it most

Some there just post music
And others post some news
And some are not too bashful
As they go and post their views

Some go and post their business
And problems with their work
But when some go and then respond
They act just like a jerk

We go and search  for old friends
And folks who went to school
And some we didn't like too much
They now seem very cool

Sometimes this social magic
With which we make amends
It helps up to reach right out
And make some great new friends

And now with this sixth  stanza
It will become the last
Thank you Mr. Zuckerberg
Your Facebook is a blast

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