Friday, August 1, 2008

Ode to the WIXYmobile aka Rolls Canardly

I drive the WIXYmobile to work
Great gas milege is the perk
At certain speeds, it starts to shake
A real smooth ride, it doesn't make

I cannot park it on the soil
Because it leaks a lot of oil
Noisy muffler I had to replace
Way too loud, just like a race

There was rust, but just a speck
And then my son got in a wreck
Busted glass and bent up hatch
The replacement did not match

I drive the car now to my job
Folks must think that I'm a slob
They laugh at me and call me poor
But unlike them, my car's paid for

Cliff Note:I call my car a Rolls Canardly. It rolls down one hill and can 'ardly make it up the next.


Jessica said...

My car just rolled over 150,000 miles this last week. I think I'll post your poem in the window of my car. You could have written that poem for me too!! And yes, it's wonderful to have a paid for car. That's what keeps me from going to get another one, and the fact that Craig is handy at working on them and keeps it running for me. I hoping to get 200,000 miles out of it.

74WIXYgrad said...

You will just have to change the name of the car to the JessicaMobile.

I'm not handy at being a mechanic,just blessed that some of my cars have been Cliffproof.

Daisy said...

I drive a 1994 red Geo Metro, Wixy. I bought it new a month before my younger son was born. I was so pregnant, I could barely fit behind the steering wheel! HA! So now my son is 14 years old and so is my car, but it still runs so I'm still driving it. I can certainly relate to this poem. :)

Jen said...

Great Poem!
Your car 'aint got no Bling! :-)

Pat Jenkins said...

as long as it runs baby, as long as it runs!!