Tuesday, August 26, 2008

two years of blogging

Today marks two years since I started to blog
When I started to do this, I felt in a fog
I didn't know just what to write
Started thinking with all my might

I thought of folks from near my place
Folks who've never seen my face
Their support and motivation
The best of all in this great nation

Started writing about the band
One of the best bands in the land
Of their show and my mistakes
Amazing how many of those one makes

The IGA closed and we were sad
Opened again, and we were glad
My grandson Ben was the first to buy
The owner is a super guy

The WIXYcam is taking shots
Of marching bands and vacation spots
I too some pics of the traveling wall
Of the Rittman boys playing ball

Blogged about my family, my wife and mother
You helped me grieve the loss of my brother
You saw grandchildren of which I'm proud
If you don't believe me, I'll say it again loud

I have new friends from near and far
Some places I couldn't get to by car
From the deep south to the Midwest
And overseas you're all the best


Daisy said...

Here's to many more blogposts, Wixy! :D

Shellmo said...

Many more blogging years ahead of you!!

Jen said...

Wonderful! I'll say it here too--- YOU are the inspiration.