Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ringo the Star

He started his message with peace and love
He thought it would fit like a hand in a glove
Those giving him life he should be fond of
He told them their letters they should now all shove

For forty five years, he's lived a good life
Most fans more faithful to him than a wife
But this, his last message has caused some strife
Some feel that he might have cut with a knife

He come from a band they called the fab four
Beatles stopped singing, they clamored for more
Solo career, he had much in store
Just this past week, their hearts he had tore

This record is clear, just so you can see
You never got even one letter from me
I will now even make this guarantee
I'd rather listen to AWB

Cliff Note: To the "youngsters" reading this blog, AWB is Average White Band.

1 comment:

Shellmo said...

I did think it was interesting he did have to announce not to send him any letters. I think most of the people writing him didn't expect a response anyways - they just liked sending a letter to someone they admired.