Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ode to my gray hair

Cliff Note: This poem is a result of some email exchanges I had with David McMahon of Authorblog fame. We were both "blessed" with premature gray hair.

I will tell you I really don't care
When people will just stare at my hair
I have known for a while that it's gray
I didn't just notice this fact today

My dear mother once told me to try
To color my hair with a bit of dye
I'm premature gray I know it is true
But I don't want to be immature blue

I first went gray at a very young age
For some I think it's a reason for rage
Some suggestions from people are really bold
I think they're just afraid to grow old

Now my son, he knows he'll never be there
He knows he's starting to lose all of his hair
He has his one plan in place for today
When it falls out he gets out of the way

Now all men should accept this one fact
Surprised I really don't think you should act
We all have one of these two fates
Our hair turns gray or it evacuates


david mcmahon said...

VERY nice work!!

Jen said...

be glad you don't wear a toupee.

74WIXYgrad said...

That's one thing that makes me smug
I do not need to wear a rug

Shellmo said...

Gray hair always looks sophisticated on a gentleman!

Daisy said...

Great poem, Wixy! :D

There is definitely something to be said for accepting the hand you are dealt and knowing which cards to play.

Pat Jenkins said...

ahh gray hair is the sign of wisdom is it not??

Abraham Lincoln said...

Neat poetry.

Thanks for the visit to my blog.

74WIXYgrad said...

Abraham Lincoln:It's always a pleasure to visit the blog of another Buckeye Blogger, as I've been there a few times since we cross paths over at David's blog.

And it's always great to get new folks commenting on my blogs. Thanks for coming by.

Amel's Realm said...

Hey, this is GREAT work!!! Hubby's hair also evacuates he he he he...

Derik said...

The rhyming couplets could be complemented as you even your meter. I like the story, but the meter is distracting.