Friday, February 20, 2009

These folks are for the birds

While going through the blogosphere
There is this sound I think I hear
I can't explain this sound with words
I think I hear a flock of birds

Jessica at Five Pines resides
Her love for birds she never hides
She blogs of birds that she may see
She tells us all of this with glee

Shelley in her nice log home
Her husband Greg with her will roam
He learned of birds because of love
And now knows more than just a dove

Pigeon from the buckeye state
The northeast where the snow is great
Takes her camera and makes the shots
Pretty birds she always spots

For this poem, this verse is last
A fan of birds, Jen's recent past
Treats from the store, she buys them some
For birds that fly and those that hum


Jessica said...

I love it Cliff! As I was reading this (with a big smile on my face) I was thinking.... Isn't it wonderful... even though we have never met we still get to know each other and all our likes and dislikes. I so enjoy my blogging and all my blogging friends. It's always a little ray of sunshine in my day and I treasure all of you!

I think you are a special person Cliff. It always seems to be your main focus to honor someone and lift them up.

Thanks you for the poem! And thank you for you!

Elise said...

Oh wow, thank-you so much. No one has ever written about me in a poem before! I also think you have a gift for bringing people togehter. You take all these different people who love blogging and try very hard to introduce them to each other. That's quite a gift you give, every day. -Pigeon

Jen said...

This is great Cliff-thank you!!
For every season there is a reason and there have been many positives during my blogging season.

Shellmo said...

This made me smile - and brought a tear to my eye! This is my favorite poem of all - thank you!! Your kindness is neverending.

Leesa said...

Very cute!! I love birds, too!!! You're a sweet friend to others... God bless you!

Pat Jenkins said...

this post is for the birds!