Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring Training

Oh boy, oh boy
Spring training is here
I guess that must mean
Warmer weather is near

Pitchers and catchers
Reported last week
It takes them much longer
To reach their own peak

It's training my friend
All teams are in first
Teams that are best
Teams that are worst

We'll talk of them all
The starters and subs
And talk of their talent
And whom should be scrubs

We talk of those players
The rookies and vets
The Indians and Yankees
The Braves and the Mets

We talk of them all
The nice and the jerks
Cooperation of them both
Is how the game works

We talk of our team
And filling their voids
Hoping not to fill them
With those who take 'roids

We hope that our team
Plays till the middle of fall
And everyone can call them
The champions of all


Jen said...

Go Reds!

Shellmo said...

I don't think my Tigers will do anything special this year!

Pat Jenkins said...

for once i have to agree with jen!!