Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To My Baby Boomer Blogger Buddies

Some think we are old
I think we are gold
Boomers we are
Shining bright as a star

Tim writes of classic TV
A good job, you can see
Another blog he has scored
About his faith in the Lord

And then we have Daisy
We know she's not lazy
Two blogs,there's no waiting
Photos and fun she is stating

Kathy writes about her life
Never seeming to have much strife
In the Lord she is well rooted
Her devotions are very well suited

Jen writes to us her blog, Unglazed
Her love for life makes us amazed
She's very proud of her log house
And her family, especially her spouse

Brenda's been my friend awhile
Always able to make me smile
Her new blog just suits me fine
Though on Wednesdays, she starts to whine

Cathouse Teri is a fun gal
She is many people's pal
Sharing with us her unique view
With many friends, not just a few

I am done now with this rhyme
I can't think of more born in this time
If I missed you, please don't be sore
You were born after '64


Daisy said...

That was fun! Now see, there's one good thing about being "old." I get to be part of the Baby Boomer Blogger Buddies Club." (What a tongue twister! I bet you can't say that ten times fast!) :D

Brenda said...

You are very creative!! Guess I just made it under the wire to be a boomer!!

And I guess I'm in a club too!!!
What fun!! I finally belong!!!

Jen said...

Ahhh Cliff, you never miss a beat. I guess it's from hanging around the marching band so much. LOL

Shellmo said...

Loved this! Liked the part about my blogger friend "jen" especially!

Amel's Realm said...

Clap clap clap...this is really fun to read!!!!!! I LOVE IT! :-))))