Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meet My Friends

Cliff Note: Pat J has challenged me to write a poem including all my blogging buddies. I have accepted this challenge and will not only write the poem, but I will include links. Names will be there in no particular order, just as I think of how to fit them in.

My friends are here
My friends are there
My friends all cheer
From everywhere

A TV blog
Is wrote by Tim
Read it all
And don't just skim

Pat writes about issues
All political stuff
Good sense of humor
Not all that gruff

Struke teaches video
Things we see and hear
A good moral compass
Helps him to steer

Don't adjust your screen
Because it's green
Our good nurse Bella
Is on the scene

Keeping us on our toes
Here's Cathouse Teri
She helps us think
And that's not scary

Daisy, Daisy
Not just one blog, but two
A proud Buckeye
Willing to entertain you

Monday through Sunday
Are the days of the week
Melanie is the blogger
Great faith she does speak

With her faith and her family
She's fit and runs too
From India our good friend
Is named Frasypoo

From New England comes Diamond
Quality is her game
With her weight loss suggestions
We'll soon call healthy her name

South in Mississippi
Liquid is queen
Generous in her praises
She'll never be mean

From Indiana, my friend Michelle
In Terre Haute, she's really swell
A wife and mother, but that;s not all
She also works at the Mart called Wal

Another friend from that same town
Sindi, she's special to all around
Her tater soup is all the rage
Of everyone of every age

This friend, she's down just for a bit
She's Stacy and she's getting fit
And she'll be back, just wait and see
New and improved, she'll even be

From Alabama, heart of song
She's Kathy and she'll sing along
Her son's band, of which she's proud
Though their music is really loud

Her log house is a gift of Him
Jen will tell us, her faith's not slim
Read her blog, it's called Unglazed
Feel her love, you'll be amazed

Another friend's not done a bunch
My friend Scott, I have a hunch
He's busy with post graduate studies
Scott and I are real good buddies

G'day Mate is what I say
To another blogger on this day
David McMahon is a real good bloke
He even really can take a joke

Another Michelle, across the sea
The land of Scots is where she'll be
She'll write a good story and a good rhyme
She'll visit often every time

Jessica is a very busy one
But she seems to have a lot of fun
She has her family, her dogs, her birds
She takes her pictures, and uses words

My daughter Martha, and her clan
She has a blog, she has a plan
Her three children, and their schooling
Are going places, I'm not fooling

This story's done, this poem's through
I hope that I've remembered you
If you're mad at me, and swing a bat
I'll tell you what, just go see Pat


Pat Jenkins said...

first off you got alot of friends.... that was totally incredible wixy!!... you have handled the challenge with ease... leave space though for the new buds you will for sure gain, with your blogging fame!!!!

Jen said...

This is Superb!
What else can I say?
You 74WIXYgrad,
get an A!

Daisy said...

That was great Cliff! What fun! :)

Martha said...

that was good :)

Sindi said...

You did a fantastic job with the poem. I just loved reading it. I am honored to be included in it. I love the new blog, 1 problem. I don't know which one of your blogs I like better. HE HE HE HE :-) Have a Blessed Day

Jessica said...

You know how to find the words Cliff. Fantastic!!

Shellmo said...

I'm glad Jessica pointed out your site. Love this!

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm glad you came here Shellmo. As always, you are very welcome here as well as my other two blogs.