Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Recording my thoughts

I want me a notebook

To record what I think

Because sometimes my thoughts

Are just gone in a blink

If I had something to write

Recording thoughts that I had

I just would not lose them

When my memory is bad

I can could use a recorder

A notebook, a pencil

To record these my thoughts

My dreams, they're a stencil

If you now read these thoughts

Look at these with your eyes

You should thank modern times

And the Lord who supplies


Daisy said...

It is frustrating how quickly our thoughts can escape us sometimes. Glad you could capture a few of them in this poem, though! :) Good job,

Pat Jenkins said...

i dare say if you got a book to right down your thoughts, the pages would be blank!!!.... oh that was just terrible wasn't it!!.... you are not alone wixy in wanting to "record" ingenious ideas. do it up!!!

Jen said...

I wish I could video tape my dreams. as soon as I get up they are gone...