Monday, July 7, 2008

Ode to the IT guy

I. T. people at our work

Their self importance makes me smirk

They think they programmed moon and sun

Click a button and make it run

Their explanations make me snore

They think their best friend's one Al Gore

Their presence we can do without

Question them they start to pout

This poem is just tongue in cheek

Get a virus, them I seek

Server crashes, we're in trouble

Our workload then will more than double


Daisy said...

Those I.T. guys (and gals!) keep businesses running. Pretty hard to live without them in this day and age.

Jen said...

I never understand
a word they say.
But those geek guys
deserve their pay.
(that is if they fix the problem)

Good News Bearer said...

good one :).

your words made me think a while.
Is my I.T. life worthwile?