Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fueling the dream

The long weekend is coming
And I can not wait
But the price of fuel
Will keep me in state

The burgers and weenies
Will all be great
I'll enjoy it at home
And sit with my mate

We'll go to the park
Watch the fireworks show
They will be shot up
And in bright colors glow

And to you, all my friends
On this Fourth of July
Keep your heads firmly up
On your dreams please fly high

Don't let the price of fuel
Steal all of your hopes
Or let all of your dreams
Slide down the steep slopes

Just learn from this day
And those here before
How they took all their dreams
And like the eagles did soar


Pat Jenkins said...

i wish the wixy clan a red white and boom holiday weekend!!

Jen said...

We'll be home too,
with sparklers in hand,
Being grateful to God
for United we Stand.

Daisy said...

Wonderful poem, Wixy! Happy fourth to you and yours!

I have tagged you! :)

When you have time, stop by at
to pick up your Arte y Pico award. :D