Friday, July 11, 2008

Look out for skeeters

I live near a lake
A swamp and a creek
And all during the summer
We all want to shriek

We now all are pestered
Itching and scratching
Bothered by the skeeters
That keep on hatching

A truck drives through town
And starts all it's fogging
And bugs all the people
Who want to go jogging

The fog does it's part
The mosquitoes are sore
Gives them the desire
To attack us some more

We just get our repellent
Spray it onto our skin
Buy a bug zapper
Or forget it and stay in


Daisy said...

Oh how I hate mosquitoes!! Great poem though, Cliff! :)
Keep the OFF spray handy!

Jessica said...

How fitting for this time of year! I've been seen running in the house screaming from the frustration of these bugs lately.