Monday, June 23, 2008

In search of a thought

I'm sitting at my keyboard now
To birth a thought, I know not how
Stretching my mind, scratching my head
Wanting the best thing since sliced bread

Looking now at my screen
The muse has left me, boy he's mean
I will wait and he'll be back
He'll give me thoughts and will not slack

Maybe I'm wrong and the muse is a she
And she ran off from me with a lot of glee
And she won't be back, she won't return
Because I'm wrong, me she'll spurn

Wait a sec, this is line thirteen
I wrote down thoughts, all to be seen
The muse is here, not he or she
And gave me thoughts, now don't you see?


Liquid said...

Yep.......your muse is a keeper!

I am loving your writings Cliff.
We're getting a glimpse of who lives and loves from your soul.

I like that alot!

74WIXYgrad said...

Remember one thing Liquid, you have a been a tremendous influence on my blogging activities, and your friendship has given me confidence to go ahead and express myself.

Your friendship, and accepting me for who I am has led myself, and others, to expand their boundries.

blue feather

Daisy said...

You never know when inspiration will appear. :)