Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to those friends

I like my friends
I like them all
I like them big
I like them small

I like them here
I like them there
If they like me
I think that's fair

To make them laugh
To make them smile
Is just the half
Of my desired style

Around the world
Across the sea
I want my friends
To also like me

To be a friend
And a real good buddy
Don't take much time
And no need to study

If you need a friend
Just wait and see
Be just yourself
They'll come to thee

Cliff Note: I'll change that last line as I think it's corny. I just have to come up with another


Jen said...

I like your poems,
I really do.
Sometimes I write poems,
just like you.

74WIXYgrad said...

Well thank you dear
Glad you come around
And checked things here
This blog you found

I found your place
Looked at your stuff
It's full of grace
Can't get enough

Cliff Note:Everyone reading these words, pay Jen a visit.

Jen said...

you are so nice,
and your words just flow.
I'll be back later,
'cause now I must go.