Tuesday, June 24, 2008

orange barrel lament

Everyday I get to look
Look to see what lanes are took
See the traffic patterns sway
From orange barrels everyday

For sake of progress, I do not doubt
But causes some to cuss and shout
These orange barrels cause a squeeze
And driver's brains now turn to cheese

Road repair we do need
Make them safe to get to speed
While it gets done, some get tense
And need a dose of common sense

Orange barrel, Ohio state flower
Increases commutes by the hour
Some drivers show that they are gents
Others need intelligence


Daisy said...

I can so relate to those orange barrels--they're everywhere! Fun poem!

Pat Jenkins said...

i enjoy when they have taken to repair during the wee hours of the morning as they have been prone to do recently..... though that doesn't do anything about lane closures!!!! maybe you should walk to work wixy....