Sunday, June 15, 2008

It won't be dark

These poems I write
Are not out of spite
I know that my spark
Won't make them dark

I want to be funny
Be nice to my honey
And maybe oh maybe
Make all kinds of money

I might write about chicken
My fingers I'm lickin'
Or possibly jams
And spiral sliced hams

While driving my car
I'll go very far
To write a long ditty
About the big city

I want you to laugh
For a week and a half
And you might start to sigh
And say who is this guy?

You might look at my beard
Say, "Boy is he weird"
Look at my hair
Say "How long he'd been there?"

I want you to smile
And stay here a while
And go tell a friend
To this web address send.


cathouse teri said...

You're so silly.
I hope this doesn't mean that you have started to talk like this, too. :)

74WIXYgrad said...

Not a chance. Unless someone has a job for me as a 1950's style disc jockey.

Thanks for stopping by and being the first one to comment.

cathouse teri said...

My pleasure.

Martha said...

Um, Do I know you???

Just kidding!

Nice blog!!!!