Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old time recreation

The power was out
No twist or shout
No cry or pout
Nothing to spout

I sat in my chair
Read my book
Gave the pages a look
And I wasn't shook

My wife got upset
No internet
No way to attain, give a holler
Find out why no power

I found the pages
And went through the stages
And expecting for worst
We were told we were first

We were happy to know
The crews weren't too slow
They were all on their way
We got our power back that day

An occasional failure
Is not an awful bad thing
Solitude it will bring
An appreciative swing

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Hello Cliff! I saw one of your comments at Liquid's blog and followed it here. I'm enjoying your poetry. It makes me smile. :D

Isn't it funny how paralyzed we become when the electric goes off for a bit. You're right though, we should be grateful for the opportunity to pursue other things---reading a book is a very good choice!